My name is Chase Ribordy. Here is my story:

5 Year Old Chase

I have always been interested in fitness because it is the place where discipline is built. Some people are naturally disciplined, and become more so. Others need fitness to finally have a taste of discipline.

Even as a young kid, I always preferred going to bed early because it meant better performance and energy levels for tomorrow. I have a persistent awareness of the future which is both a blessing and a curse. Without a doubt, it is the probably the most influential component of what makes me who I am.

The Boyz (2009-2016)

I grew up with Nigerian neighbors. We always challenged each other, and they taught me a version of stoicism straight outta West Africa. We played sports hard. Hurt each other. And learned to never complain because it was always less fun when you did.

We valued hard work, strength, and being intentional. These values have lived with me ever since.

My FLEX Journey

I believe the body is a reflection of what happens on the inside.

I started lifting consistently in 2011 (prior to that I would do sports and P90X here and there). Here’s my body transformation over the years where I tried to harness the power of the values I had developed in my childhood. You can find the full picture story of my “Flex Journey” found here.

Life is cyclical. The fitness life is bulk to cut, repeat. We increase our potential and then maximize what’s there. Add clay, carve out what you want, add more clay to the sculpture, inching your way your vision, even though it is not a straight path nor is it always clear. The ups and downs of life. Each with their own challenges.

End of the Long Hair Era

By 2012, I began to transition more deeply into fitness to improve my sports. I really enjoyed lacrosse.

Sports kept me in shape but are not optimal for bodybuilding or strength. I never really hit my biggest strides in my physique until I solely focused on using bodybuilding principles in the gym and kitchen to optimize my physique, primarily through progress towards a lower body fat percentage.

Progress is NOT Linear

Over the years, I would bulk up and slim down. Each complete cycle would be just another tally in my head that my future is in my hands.

I can get big. I can get small. I can get fat. I can get lean. It does not matter.

I have the tools to control my body, and I know how to use them. I began to become more interested in how I could help other use these tools. And even more, achieve their goals. This philosophy would later develop more into a methodology that I call the GamePlan.

2016 – High School Era

By Senior Year of High School, I felt very strong in my understanding of the GamePlan for my Fitness.

The Non-Pharmacological Limit of Muscle Buidling

I graduated from UTD in 2020 summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. I competed in powerlifting. I also ran a long and slow bulk to leave no stone unturned about the amount of muscle I could build naturally. **Spoiler** you build a lot less muscle when you’re a very experienced lifter.

During the time in college, I improved my knowledge of health and fitness to make progress towards becoming a healthcare provider. I decided I wanted to become a dentist because it most closely matched my desire for personal autonomy and the types of patient interactions I wanted to have.

After graduating in 2020, I had a gap year during the lockdown of Corona Virus season and took this as a time to take courses on various subjects such as software, finance, business, knowledge management, business strategy, economics, and various others. Watching the course videos on Multiple times speed was INCREDIBLY effective to FLY through content. I absolutely loved sifting through the various concepts and then writing the ways I could apply the most relevant ones to my life in my notes.

It began to spark more of an entrepreneurial flame in my heart.

I saw my experience in fitness as something I needed business knowledge for to package for people to help them. I saw the software knowledge as necessary to make the most valuable product I absolutely could. I began a problem-led apprenticeship to learn the skills that I needed to achieve my entrepreneurial fitness goal. Hoping naively that this could be done before attending dental school in 2021.

However, mastery takes time. A gap year alone was not enough, but I do feel I completely made the most of it with how much I had broadened my horizons. The depth of understanding would come over time.

CR Logo = Chase Ribordy (Me)

Before Dental school, I had began to design a business.

Optimistically like any new entrepreneur, I would come to realize the importance of resilience as the constant failure cycle would help me iterate my ideas and slowly develop something people wanted that I actually wanted to give them.

Fitness had prepared me well for this because I knew that trial and error was part of the learning process.

This girl is like 7 ft

I started Dental School.

White Coat Ceremony

I kept working on the business in the background.

Kickball Tournament

Made time for good times.

Freaky Deaky 2023

I met amazing people.

Hula Girl

Also, I love Halloween.

Founder of GamePlan 180 LLC

It has been a slow grind working what feels like 2-3 jobs by managing school exams and dentistry patients, managing business clients, working out to stay camera ready for social media, and trying to build a business that works for me instead of me working for it.

Delegation is a slow process because training people is hard, people quit, there’s always a lot to do, funds are limited, and everyone requires a lot of patience before they are fully autonomous.

However, I think it is all a ton of fun.

I deeply love business strategy.

I love the responsibility on my shoulders.

I love to analyze the business like a consultant and see how the parts fit together the best.

I love to analyze people and be a therapist for their problems to understand how we can work together.

I love the idealistic dream in my head that I might actually do something that matters.

I love that I could change someone’s life. To help them maximize their potential, and realize my own along the way.

If you want to get into contact with me, email me at