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Casaundra Arellano

CPT, CET (corrective), Pilates, MMACS

Casaundra Arellano is originally from Seattle Washington. She does not believe fitness is about vanity. She believes it is about actualizing physical potential. Casaundra is an M.M.A. conditioning specialist and enjoys integrating it into training routines. Also certified at Corrective exercise, she helps put your posture back in alignment. With a background in teaching Pilates for core strengthening, Casaundra prescribes customized, well balanced workout programs. They focus on strength, flexibility, cardio, balance, and core. What Casaundra loves most about her work is the opportunity to help her clients achieve goals to enhance their lives.


Lyam White


Lyam, a Certified Personal Trainer and Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist, is trained in several martial arts (Capoeira, Karate, Muay Thai, Savate), and is an actor and physical theater performer. Lyam hopes to promote a vision of dynamic movement as a vehicle for expressing the true self.