Gaintainer Diet

Don’t Just Maintain, Gaintain.

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Gaintainer Diet

Overview: Golden Era Recomposition

  • High Protein Diet
  • Slowly Gain Muscle and Lose Fat
  • Great for Setting Yourself Up for Future Progress
  • Heal from Injuries

This Diet Plan is For Someone Who:

  • Wants to Stay the Same Weight (but Look Better!)
  • Wants to Improve Body Composition
  • Struggles with Reduced Bulking Progress (and Needs a Break)

Product Includes: (Click Here to See the Video Overview)

  • Workout Program – A downloadable program that can be filled out on your mobile phone for progress tracking + Tips
  • Nutrition Plan – A downloadable personalized diet plan + Tips
  • Coaching Advice – Email coaching guidance throughout the program to stay on track + Personalized Tips


  • Receive Exclusive Video Content Specific to Your Diet and Goals
  • Metrics for Success
  • A Thorough List of Tips for Staying Consistent with Your Diet
  • Food Alternatives to Personalize Your Diet to Your Liking
  • 6 Different Food Preferences Available for this Nutrition Plan (Including Vegetarian & Vegan)
  • Tactics for Dealing with a Busy or Unpredictable Schedule
  • Examples of Meal Timing that You Could Follow for Optimal Progress
  • Change Your Diet as Your Goals Change to Continue Progress
  • A Chance to Win a Shoutout on Social Media


“It’s hard to see things when you’re too close. Take a step back and look.” — Bob Ross


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