Mental Break


Mental Break

Overview: Remember Why You Love It.

  • **Intended as a BREAK from standard training**
  • Get Your Mental Intensity Back
  • Return to Hard Training with the Right Mindset
  • Reduce Risk of Injury and Make Training Fun Again

Which Deload Week is for You?

  • Wrecked – Healing-Focused; For those who are crippled from hard training and need to check themselves before they wreck themselves
  • got fatigue? – Traditional Deload; Remove accumulated fatigue to potentiate a productive training block
  • Mental Break – Psychologically-Focused; For those who are diet fatigued or tired of their current training

What will the week include?

  • Injury prevention techniques to stay healthy in the long term
  • Learn how to fix a stale workout mentality and get out of a slump
  • How to be intentional with your recovery to make progress and feel good
  • Guidance for how to pick your next program on the week after

Product Includes: (Click Here to See the Video Overview)

  • Workout Plan – Simplified for your recovery week
  • Nutrition Plan – A downloadable personalized diet plan + Tips
  • Coaching Advice – Email coaching to guide you through the week


  • Exclusive video content to help you identify how to stay injury free and come back better than ever
  • Assurance on how to avoid problems to continue forward progress
  • Checklist for Success
  • A Chance to Win a Shoutout on Social Media


Frustration is the first step towards improvement…It’s only when I face frustration and use it to fuel my dedication that I feel myself moving forwards.”–John Bingham


Equipment Required: GYM


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