All Your Fitness Needs in ONE Spot

Fitness people know what to do, they just need to do the same things more easily with a tool.

But what about the new gym goer, who stands up for the normies?

This app is meant to meet people where they are at and help them become the fitness person they want to be rather than what the fitness industry tells them what they have to be. At the core, this is a lifestyle app to help you live the life you want most.

Whether you are an advanced lifter who just needs a way to make things easier and optimize progress OR if you are completely new: This is the GamePlan for Your Fitness.

The NUMBER ONE problem this app solves is “Just tell me what to do”:

  • People want it to be easy.
  • People just want to know what to do to give them progress.
  • People are more *motivated* when it’s simple and they do not need to think or worry about making progress.
  • This app is designed to help you manage your time and reduce confusion, so you have time to get in the gym and do your meals with very little mental effort.

Confusion kills motivations and prevents people from being consistent. They get tired of trying so hard for so long that eventually… they get burned out.

It is common knowledge that people will say “If it was easy than everyone would do it”. So my goal is to make this easy.

I make it easy by putting my brain in your hand. Let me show you how it is designed:

Streamlined Workout Building Process

For New People: I wanted to make building your workouts easy.

For Advanced People: I wanted to make building your workouts faster and more intentional.

Streamlined Diet Building Process

For New People: I wanted to make building your diets easy.

For Advanced People: I wanted to make building your diets faster and more flexible.

Progress Tracking

For New People: I wanted to make tracking progress easy.

For Advanced People: I wanted to make your progress more organized into one place.

Coaching Details for Exercises

For New People: I wanted to make the details simple to understand as you learn how to diet & exercise.

For Advanced People: I wanted to make sure you are reminded to *DO* the right things, not just *KNOW* the right things.

If You want to Pre-order of the app, click here. It should be finished in the Summer of 2024!

I built every screen of the user journey over countless hours. The app has been real in my mind for quite some time. And now, it is finally getting built.

I Put Love into this App Design

In addition to all of this, I have so many pages of notes reasoning through the types of pre-made workout plans I wanted to create for you to put inside of the app. Same thing for the nutrition plans.

I have deeply thought through many of the features I want to implement in the app, so anyone can pick up the app and feel like it was personally designed for their needs. I want it to be something that people don’t just use, but love using and rely on. I want to make it easier than ever for you to become the person you always knew you could be.

But I need your help.

If you want to help me, here’s what you can do:

  • Contribute Money
    • Pre-Order the App to Fund App Development and Speed it Up
    • Watch the Twitch and Subscribe (if You Have Amazon Prime, it is FREE to Support Me)
    • Schedule Coaching
    • Become a monthly supporter on Ko-Fi
  • Contribute Time
    • Join the Discord to Interact with Me to Help Me Understand YOU
    • Contact Me with Any Feedback or Help You Can Provide

My Ultimate Goal: I want to turn the GamePlan into a comprehensive set of apps that allow you to optimize all aspects or your life with ease. A very large part of my life is spent on working on these to make success more accessible for others. Your time and money directly helps me achieve this dream. Thank you.