Here are some frequently asked questions:

What is Streaming?

Streaming is a LIVE video.

You are able to interact in real-time with the streamer and the audience through the chat. It allows for a more interactive and dynamic process that many people can be a part of at once.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a streaming platform where you can watch LIVE videos.

It was initially made for gamers, but it has the ability to capture any event in real-time. It can be listened to like a podcast or watched visually on the computer or phone. Simply go to the profile, check the streaming schedule, follow, and turn on notifications to stay up to date with the stream. It is basically like a LIVE TV show segment.

Check out my profile here.

Do I Need an Account?

Nope! Not to be a viewer.

You only need an account to follow, chat, or do other functions on the platform.

How Do I Download My Stream Coaching?

I recommend using the chrome extensions: Twitch VOD Downloader. Get it here.

Here is a video tutorials.

What are the Add-Ons?

These are additional ways that I can help you.

The stream coaching is me walking through your process and helping you make it work.

The Add-ons are resources that I have built that you can use to BUILD your process.

Add-ons: 1) Workout Plan 2) Workout Maximum Personalization 3) Nutrition Plan 4) Nutrition Maximum Personalization

What Comes with the Workout PDF?

Workout PDF (including the workout split, exercises, exercise tips, and more)

Coaching Videos (including exercise form, rep ranges, set numbers, and more). These are videos for every single workout day of the first week and then there is one for every week after the first week.

Coaching Page Links (including exercise tutorials and specifics on how to select weights). These are coaching page articles for every single workout day of the first week and then there is one for every week after the first week.

What Comes with the Nutrition PDF?

Nutrition PDF (the nutrition plan & nutrition plan tips)

Nutrition Plan Coaching Videos (for your cut, bulk, or maintenance)

What Comes with Maximum Personalization?

A Form for more Details – give me the specifics of what you need, so I can answer it in the stream coaching session.

More Stream Coaching Time – more details = more time spent on your session.

**Maximum personalization only is separate between the workout plan and nutrition plan and must be bought separately.