Testimonials & Feedback

“Check them out!”

The new owner of Game Plan Fitness has made this a top notch business. I love my custom made workout. Thanks to my personal trainer I get to do what I enjoy most (boxing workout and TRX) and they keep it challenging every time. These guys are professional and listen to your needs.

— Nancy R.

More Great Reviews

“She has really helped me with her corrective exercises.” 

I have been working out with Casaundra for 3+ years now. I am a deep tissue massage therapist (in north seattle) and it is important to keep my body strong so I don't wear out or  injure my body. Before I found Casaundra, my shoulders would take turns hurting and my joints would pop a lot during my massages.  I have noticed  that since I have been consistently working out with Casaundra, I am so much stronger, injury free and my body is able to do more massages then I used to.

— Carrie C.


“Casaundra has helped me get back on a path of movement.” 

I have been working out with Casaundra for nearly 5 years, and she has changed my life.  As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I had become a bit sedentary after working at a desk job for over 35 years.   Working out with her is always fun and I actually look forward to it every time.  She has been able to accommodate my particular challenges (low back pain, shoulder immobility, ankle issues), always being patient and at the same time inspirational – a great combo! I always feel great when I leave our workouts together, and my husband calls Casaundra’s gym, my “happy place.”  I highly recommend stepping into the adventure of working out with Casaundra!

— Brandy M.