Gameplan Fitness Spotlight: Travis Odinzoff

Travis began his weight-loss journey in the last week of June of 2018.

His determination is fierce and his dedication to a new healthy lifestyle includes: Personal training every week at Gameplan fitness studio where workouts are tailored and streamlined for his needs; walking 3+miles daily to keep his calorie intake at a deficit for absolute results and his dedication is paying off.

A few milestones include 150 pounds lost in around 9 months and 31’’ off his waist! 

His weight-loss benefits are numerous and his movement and flexibility has greatly improved. He's still working on improving himself but the work done at Gameplan Fitness along with future improvements will only add to his overall health.

We couldn’t be more happy with such an awesome member of our Gameplan Fitness team, and look forward to working with him now and into the future on his great weight loss journey!