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1. The Plan
2. Your Job
3. Videos


The Plan

Key Exercises

Overhead Press (Key)

Deep Leg Press (Key)

Close-Stance Leg Press (Key)

Push Press (Key)

Barbell Back Squat (Key)

This week is the end of the trilogy.

How will you shape its ending?



Your Job

Stay in a Good Spot this Block

If you have recovered well up until this point, this is your green light to give it all you got this week.

If you have questionable recovery now or later in the week, do your best to push through. This is not the week to seek comfort. Reduce the weights if you need to, but chase the pump and don’t accept no for an answer.


Rep Range
• Key Lifts: 1-3 Reps
• Accessory Lifts: 8-12 Reps

The rep range is the goal, so pick the weight that allows you to stay in the rep range. If you miss rep range on the last set, that is completely fine. However, if you change your technique to grind into the rep range, that is a mistake. It is better to do less reps with perfect technique than more reps with ugly grinder reps. We want IDENTICAL reps. 

If you miss rep range on the first set, I would highly recommend you lighten the load. It is okay if you need to do a similar weight to last week. We are thinking about long term progress rather than a single day or a single week.

Don’t forget that the goal here is to set yourself up for the next couple blocks. Avoid lifting more weight for your ego. Instead, have an ego about your impeccable technique!


• 0-1 RIR
• 95+% of 1RM
• Weight Feels: PR Weight

Let’s keep it simple: 

Go for a PR

Visualize it. 

Achieve it.

• Key Lifts: 1-3 Sets
• Accessory Lifts: 1-3 Sets

Go for a PR on each of your key lifts.

You earned this.


• Key Lifts: As Much as needed (2-4 min)
• Accessory Lifts: 60s

I like to rest as much as I need before I do a top set for my key exercises. This assures that I give my maximal performance.

Afterwards, I drop the weight to something more manageable (usually around my week 3 weight) and do straight sets at 1 RIR with a given rest period. After my top set, I will drop the weight and try to get a volume PR where I pick a challenging weight that I usually do for only one set (of say, 4-6 reps) and attempt to do multiple sets (each set within the 4-6 rep range). This is a great way to test how good my form is and build confidence in it.

Above all else: Make sure your rest periods are not too short where it compromises your form! Rest periods are always a second priority to form.



Fill out the table with your expected weights and sets before you go workout, so you have a clear mission. Then adjust based on actual performance.

Here’s how I would fill it out for a workout:



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