We are the 180 Warriors
PMFEVER – 7 Pillars

Value proposition: What if you could guide progress for your entire life over the next 1-5 years?

PMFEVER Novel – Community Project

Basically, I think it would be cool to write a book.

I think it would be cool to explore the idea of PMFEVER and make it more of a story. I want people to read a story about characters they can relate to and see how they can take control of their own life.

The main idea was to turn each of the pillars into a character. I wanted to do a sci-fi kind of thing which was inspired by ‘Roy‘ from Rick & Morty to be able to explore self-development through the eyes of a specific characters with specific problems.

We are the 180 Warriors
Roy – Simulated Life Game

I really like the idea of Roy for what we are doing because it fits the overarching GamePlan and PMFEVER theme of life being a “Game of Games”. Life is essentially a “Choose Your Adventure” story, but a lot of people never Press Start. I want us to create a story that shows what is possible when you do choose to play the game.

I have my initial ideas written down in the Project folder below if you want to check it out to help me write the story.

Get Involved

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