We are the 180 Warriors
“We are The 180”

Value proposition: What if you could guide progress for your entire life over the next 1-5 years?

This is the system that will help you find the right direction and set the right goals.

Want to Implement the PMFEVER System? Here is the basic idea:

The PMFEVER 7 Step System:

1 – Consider Your Purpose: Determine what you live for and center your life around. This may evolve, but thinking about your purpose is crucial for finding fulfillment.

2 – Define Your Values: Based on your what you want to live for, list specific values for each pillar of PMFEVER to guide your goals.

3 – Set Your Goals: Establish specific goals for each pillar of PMFEVER based on your identified values.

4 – Choose an Overarching Goal: Think about a goal that impacts multiple pillars of PMFEVER or focus on targeted goals in 1-3 pillars.

5 – Identify Key Problems: For each goal, pinpoint the top three problems preventing your progress.

6 – Propose Solutions: Brainstorm potential solutions for the problems you identified.

7 – Take the First Step: What is the first step that you can do right now to begin making progress on your goal?

We are the 180 Warriors

The 180 Framework:

  • The 180 Framework aspires to be a specific implementation of the PMFEVER system.
    • Anyone can use the *general* PMFEVER system achieve their version of success, however, The 180 makes *specific* decisions at each step to prioritize self-actualization.
    • The 180 Framework can be thought to be an example of how the PMFEVER system can be filled out.
  • The 180 Framework is currently under construction.
    • It aims to be a unifying identity across different cultures, religions, and nationalities by distilling the factors of personal success and making them clear in the minds of the coalition of 180 Warriors.
    • For this reason, we need many different ideas and perspectives to create a thorough brand identity for The 180.
  • The goal of the framework would be to turn PMFEVER into more of a coaching system like done in Stream Coaching.
    • Then we would think through the different ways to answer all of the same questions from different angles which all align with The 180 principles to make a comprehensive practical philosophy.

If you would like to contribute to this project, check this out:

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