NOTE: The following video and content was made for the previous product. The previous product is being turned into an app that you can read about here.

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What Does the Subscription Include?

1) Workout Plan (Downloadable) – Designed for Long-Term Progress

  • Multi-Page PDF Packed with Specific Tips for Success
  • Contains Your Workout Split to Keep You on Track
  • Editable PDF to Track Progress
  • Many Workout Programs are Available, Browse them Here

2) Nutrition Plan (Downloadable) – Personalized to Suit Your Fitness Goals

  • Multi-Page PDF Packed with Specific Tips for Success
  • Contains Your Daily Diet to Keep You on Track
  • Available for Many Diet Preferences (Standard, Lactose-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc)

3) Coaching Advice (Weekly Emails) – Avoid Problems to Maximize Progress and Save Time

  • The First Week has Daily Emails with Corresponding Coaching Videos, so You Know EXACTLY What to Do Each Day per Week
  • Nutrition & Lifting Emails Contain Videos that Give Comprehensive Guidance in Every Aspect of a Solid Fitness Approach
  • Emails Link to Exclusive Pages on this Website for Extra Details to Give More Guidance as Needed
  • Emails are Designed & Timed to Deliver the Information You Need WHEN You Need it to Avoid Overloading You
  • Each Workout Program has Unique Videos to Continually Educate You and Guide You Towards Your Goals
How Does the Subscription Work?

1) Workout Plan

  • Take this Questionnaire for my Recommendation
  • Confirm Your Workout Program & Goals After you Subscribe
  • The First Email Contains:
    • Download Link to PDF
    • A Coaching Video with a Walkthrough of the PDF and an Explanation of Your First Workout
    • Link to Specific Website Pages for Extra Details on the Workout
  • Daily Emails for Week 1 Give You All the Information You Need for a Successful Training Block
  • Weekly Check-in Emails for Weeks 2-4 Keep You on Track
  • Automatically Start the Next Block When You Finish
    • Change to a Different Workout Program at Anytime
  • Each Workout Program is 12 Weeks Total, Made of 3 Training Blocks that are each 4 Weeks Long.
    • Blocks 1,2, and 3 have Unique Designs (rep range, weights, exercises, etc) to Maximize your Progress for Your Strength or Physique Goals.

2) Nutrition Plan

  • Take this Questionnaire for my Recommendation
    • Helps You Determine if You Should Bulk or Cut
    • Subscribers have Access to An Additional Questionnaire to Get My Recommendation On What Specific Diet to Choose
  • Confirm Your Nutrition Plan & Goals After you Subscribe
  • The First Email Contains:
    • Download Link to PDF with Tips to Guide Diet Adjustments
    • Coaching Video to Help You Strategize
  • Weekly Check-in Emails to Keep You on Track and Tell You What to Expect
  • Make Diet Adjustments at Any Time to Suit Your Needs

3) Coaching Advice

  • Immediately Upon Subscribing, You Watch an Onboarding Video to Direct You Through the Entire Process
  • You will get the Nutrition and Workout Plans in Two Separate Emails Soon After You Confirm What You Want
  • Workout Emails Link to PDF, Videos, and Website Pages that Give All of the Information You Need
  • Weekly Nutrition Emails Manage Your Expectations and Give You Strategies to Make Progress More Easily
  • All Coaching Advice is Tailored to Your Goal, Whether Strength or Physique
  • Receive Advice throughout the Training Block and Automatically Start the Next One When You Finish Your Current One
    • Keep Yourself Accountable for as Long as Needed Until You Achieve Your Goals
What is the Best Workout Program?

The best workout plan is the one tailored to your goals and your capabilities.

Check out the Shop to see what you need.

What is the Best Nutrition Plan?

The best nutrition plan is the one that aligns with your workout goals and lifestyle.

Take this Questionnaire for a small taste of what you could get with your subscription.

What Coaching Advice Do I Need?

Knowledge and time separate us from our goals. I can help you with both.

Knowledge You Will Receive:

  • You will be getting emails from me multiple times per week that are specific to your workouts and nutrition plan to understand the fitness fundamentals which include form, weight selection, sets, progression, rep ranges, relative intensity judgment, recovery, training and diet adjustments, progress tracking, and more.
  • You will build confidence in your abilities as I work with you through video content in each email to keep your priorities straight.
  • Overall, I will teach you how to assess yourself and use the tools of fitness to become the master of your body.

Stand the Test of Time:

  • You will learn to apply your knowledge to create a vigorous pursuit of your goals to make the most of any life situation.
  • You will be held accountable to your goals and to yourself as I motivate your best efforts each step of the way.
  • Overall, I will build your faith as you experience how time is the progress meter of your desires turning into reality.