Bodyweight Basics

Big Basics, Big Progress

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Bodyweight Basics

Overview: Big on the Basics

  • Develop Confidence in Bodyweight Exercises
  • Perfect Program for Getting Strong Enough to Do a Pull Up or Dip
  • Learn How to Move Correctly and Feel Good
  • Great Program for Losing Weight or Maintaining to Improve Body Composition

Which Bodyweight Program is Right for You?

  • Complete Newbie – Level 1; The goal is to take you from a complete beginner who cannot do a push-up to someone who can. We want to build the mindset that you can do this.
  • Bodyweight Basics – Level 2; Once you can do a push-up, why stop there? Let’s start to push your body and see what you are capable of.
  • Park Workout – Level 3; When you can do pull-ups and push-ups easily, we can use them to build your physique and a lot more strength.
  • Gym Workouts – ALL LEVELS; No matter how experienced, how strong, or how confident you are, everyone can use the gym to meet their needs with the right plan.

3 Training Blocks to Maximize Progress (12 weeks total)

  • Block 1 – Week 1-4 builds up basic bodyweight exercises to prepare you for the next blocks
  • Block 2 – Week 5-8 begins to introduce more difficult exercises to bring you to new levels of strength
  • Block 3 – Week 9-12 hit bodyweight personal records and control your bodyweight better than ever before

Product Includes: (Click Here to See the Video Overview)

  • Workout Program – A downloadable program that can be filled out on your mobile phone for progress tracking + Tips
  • Nutrition Plan – A downloadable personalized diet plan + Tips
  • Coaching Advice – Email coaching guidance throughout the program to stay on track + Personalized Tips


  • Full workout schedule for each block with exercises clearly listed out
  • Available for 6, 5, 4, or 3 days per week training schedule
  • Exclusive video content to help you identify the perfect reps, sets, weight, and rest periods for each week
  • Weekly Motivation to Keep You Consistent
  • Guidance on Form, Progression, Weight Selection, and More!
  • Custom Bodybuilding Anatomy Guide
  • Checklist for Success
  • Priorities for each Block
  • A Chance to Win a Shoutout on Social Media


“Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise” ~ Michael Jordan


Equipment Required: Any place you are comfortable working out, Bands (optional), Dumbbells (optional)


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